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When Audrey Bellis isn't bringing the sparkle to memorable occasions via her special occasion children's boutique: The Bella Bambino; she's curating content for Audrey rocks blogs for The Times of Israel, Huffington Post Women & urban explores. Witty when caffeinated.

Audrey Bellis's Bio:

As a special occasion children's boutique owner, Audrey Bellis has been in charge of curating timeless collections and heirloom quality garments since 2010. Audrey recently joined the team as the VP of Marketing. In addition Audrey blogs for The Times of Israel OpsEd section, The Huffington Post Women's section, is an avid urban explorer, and advocate for LA's homeless.

Audrey Bellis's Experience:

Audrey Bellis's Education:

Audrey Bellis's Interests & Activities:

Savvy DIY'er, yogi, urban explorer, travel lover. Avid golfer and cigar aficionado.

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